Fishing Ghillie

Since my Dad first took me fishing as a five year old, I have been passionate about the sport, often mixing it with climbing trips and family holidays around Europe. Whilst I dabble with our costal waters and abundant course fishing in England, the fly is my real love. I have been fortunate to fish some of the UK's best waters. The varied topography of the UK provides rivers, streams and still waters of all types, giving a vast array of fishing.


Our natural brown trout are a joy to fish for, often in crystal clear waters, like our famous southern chalk streams or our upland waters. Many of our steams also have good stocks of ‘The Lady of the Stream' the ubiquitous Grayling. Dry fly or nymph, test yourself on these beautiful waters.

Still Waters

We have many stocked waters, some with very large Rainbows, but our mountainous regions offer high tarns and big lakes, particularly in the English Lake District, big browns and Char could be your quarry or venture in the Scottish Highlands for some classic loch style fishing.


There's a superb variety of game fishing on our big rivers, like the Severn, Dee and Wye, browns in the higher waters with Grayling and good runs of Salmon and Sea Trout. The smaller rivers of Wales have excellent runs of Sea Trout (Sewin) and Salmon and most have a good residency of Browns. Our Mountain Regions also provide us with spate rivers, that now have excellent runs of Salmon. Why not spend a day on the Tweed and if you need some help with your Spey cast a few hours with a world class tutor can make a huge difference to your success rate.

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When and where to fish:


The seasons in the UK can differ by 10 degrees C between North and South which obviously affects the fishing/natural fly life.
March/April sees the start of fly fishing on our rivers, in the south the May fly hatch will start at the end of May/early June and be over in a feverish flash, but the further North you venture the longer the May season will last; well into August on Scottish lochs. The Spring Salmon runs tend to be more concentrated in the Scottish spate rivers, but timing is everything, these fish can be a good size as they are often two winter fish.


Pretty much open season for trout whether your fishing for wildy's on the river or Rainbows on stocked waters. Salmon start to run more frequently after heavy rain on the rivers of England and Wales and starting to get more consistent on Scottish rivers as the grilse (one winter fish) enter the rivers. Sea Trout come into there own during the summer months running with the Salmon on most Scottish waters but being more active at night. The rivers of Wales, particularly those emptying into the Irish Sea have the biggest runs of Sea Trout, with fish of varying sizes. Weather conditions are pretty critical on still waters as high temperatures will send fish to the bottom after several hot days.


Whilst early autumn can still produce good river trout fishing days, fish will soon be in spawn and the stocked waters tend to get a bit harder as fish have become somewhat 'experienced'. Some of the Scottish rivers have big runs of Salmon during Autumn months, particularly the Tweed where the season continues until the end of November. Grayling fishing in Autumn months can be very productive, fish are spread throughout the UK, but there are some rivers that hold big numbers including the Welsh Dee, many Yorkshire Rivers and the famous Dove in Derbyshire.


Whilst Grayling fishing continues throughout the winter months, trout, other than on mild still waters, are out of season. The Salmon season starts on some rivers as early as 11th January in Scotland and around the 1st of February in England and Wales. These early fish tend to be second wintered and of a good size, I suspect that some may catch very late spawners whilst others will somehow last out anther 9 months without food until they spawn in the Autumn.


One the most varied and un-spoilt areas in the UK is that of the Wye and Usk Foundation, over 100 miles of Salmon, Trout and Grayling fishing and why not stay in superb country accomodation, of course in the company of your guide